Contemporary Australia & Abstract Landscapes:
David Naseby

David Naseby’s contemporary landscape paintings of the Australian outback are passionate, highly charged, sometimes confronting, always sensitive. In 2002 his gaze  focused on the life and death of the Murray River. With the dying eucalypts as his central motif, he drew on human relationships with the land, our own mortality, and the struggle for survival.

In 2009 Naseby painted a series of paintings of Mariah Island, a former penal settlement off the east coast of Tasmania the scene of another survival story. Despite its rugged beauty, he was struck by the island’s sheer isolation, and the tragedy this would have created for its convict inhabitants.

More recently Naseby's gaze has turned back to the arid landscape of Central Australia the focus of his early paintings in the 1990's. To achieve the fluidity that allows him to show the organic structure of the landscape he  mixes enamel paint, cement and red dirt from the desert with traditional oil paint. Through layer on layer as different surfaces collide with one another, his new desert paintings create harmony out of chaos.

"As with my portraits, I see myself as a detective, searching for the real character below the surface of the landscape. I call myself an abstract reflectionist because my paintings always retain some essence of their original form, even when they are pushed to virtual abstraction."
- David Naseby

Australian Desert Landscape Paintings

Abstract Reflections

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