David’s latest figurative works demonstrate the love, the loss, the joy, and the shame, that is part of the human existence.

David’s fascination with figures evolved from his portraiture work into complex studies of the nature of humankind. His most recent series of figure paintings focuses on the individual in their personal landscape. He sets out to reflect the impact that a harsh and unforgiving environment can have on the individual, whether they live in a modern city, a country town, or the outback.

Geoff Cousins said of the portrait David painted of him, “His portrait of me isn’t what one would call flattering, but it certainly captures an element of my character which is essential to the environmental campaigns.”

“I don’t have any direct power to change or to halt the environmental damage that is occurring wherever I seem to look. I leave that to Geoff Cousins.” says Naseby. “What I can do through my art is to show the world what the outcomes are likely to be for all of us if we don’t support environmental warriors such as him.”